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Monsters in Literature

Considering the idea of monsters, pick one story and identify the monster. Then, define “monster” according to your theory of the story. In your intro, consider the following questions: how does this monster function? (for example: war, mental illness, blind acceptance...) How or why is this monster effective? How does this monster impact society as a whole? Is there anyone in the story who might see this “monster” as a hero? How or why? What forces oppose this monster? Would "feeding" this monster have a positive or negative impact on any of the characters? What literary devices help you identify this “monster” and feel that pain/thrill/terror of this monster’s impact?

In the body of the essay. explain how/why the characters in the story are affected by this monster. What impact does this monster have on the individual? On the community? On society as a whole?

In your conclusion, consider the impact of this monster not only in the story that you are discussing but in real life as well.

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