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Narrative Nursing & Bearing Witness Discussion

Read the required articles in the Narrative Nursing & Bearing Witness learning resources pages. Choose one additional article in each category to read. Utilizing the information presented in the articles post an initial response to the questions posed in this discussion assignment. Reflectively respond to two classmates in your cohort.
The required articles are added in my files, Here's a youtube link that will help

Healthcare is a relational activity. Treatment plans are predicated upon the understanding of the context of the clients current circumstances and what their history is that brought them to seek healthcare. How do the concepts of narrative nursing and bearing witness validate the current practice with understanding the client's story?
How have you operationalized these concepts in your practice? Please give examples.
From your perspective, is narrative nursing the same as bearing witness; concepts with different labels without a distinction? If they are different concepts, what distinguishes them? Please provide examples.

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