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A Multi-Sensory Experience as a Food Critique

1. Visit an authentic ethnic restaurant of predominately of one ethnic taste (i.e. Taco Bell & Olive Garden does NOT count as ethnic restaurants.
2. Answer the following question in a four –five (4-5) page typed report using your five senses: taste, sound, sight, touch, & smell. You must use notes from lecture.
a. How were you addressed when you entered into the restaurant? Did you need to make reservations? How long was the wait before you were seated?
b. What are the cultural differences you notice? Using your five senses of taste, touch, sight, smell, & sound describe some of the cultural differences that you are not accustomed to in comparison to All-American restaurant or restaurant chains. For example, one can describe but not limited to the sights in the restaurant décor, odors from unusual foods, and sounds from music. One should use all five-senses in this cultural experience.
c. Look at the menu. What are the types of foods they offer? What are some unusual items? Do they describe the ingredients in the food? List various food items from the menu. What menu items did you order? Is there more than one language used to describe the foods on the menu?
d. Is a traditional salad offered? If not, describe what is offered. What types of breads are offered (flat, pita, tortilla chips)? What type of desserts (cheesecake, fortune cookie, coffee)? What are they like?
e. What types of beverages are offered? Do they have an alcohol menu? What is not typically offered in an American chain restaurant?
f. How is the food reflective of the cultural geography and the economic geography? (i.e. spices are abundant in India which is rich in spices & fish (sushi) is popular in Japan & it is part of the G8). Describe approximately where in the world (continent & location) and from country this culture’s food is best known.
g. Describe the dress? (Dress is inclusive of all five senses – you smell perfume, hear jewelry, see make-up, etc....) What are the employees, such as hostesses or wait staff wearing?
h. Rate your experience as a food critic (as in the LA Times or Houston Chronicle). Ratings should be dependent on taste, service, décor, cleanliness, authenticity, quality and price and should range from A-F (“A” being the best). Explain why you chose this rating. Be thorough and detailed in your explanations.
i. What did you learn from this experience that you could contribute to a multi-cultural experience in a class discussion?

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