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The Fourth Estate Paper

Job expectations for New York Times journalists (what sorts of things are they expected to do).
How journalists handle the behavior of an unorthodox administration.
How journalists cope with the hostility & criticism of the news media exhibited by many in this documentary, not just from members of the Trump administration.
Competition with other journalists and news organizations.
Write a 5-7-page reflection of the depiction of the New York Times’ journalists in The Fourth Estate. Citing specific scenes from the documentary, describe what it’s like to be a New York Times reporter during the Trump administration:

What kinds of things are journalists expected to do in order to do their jobs well? (Be very specific and cite examples from the documentary. Your argument will be strengthened with the inclusion of direct quotes and details.)
How do the reporters make decisions (on what to cover, how to cover, what to say, how to react, when to hold a story and when to run it, etc.)? What motivates these decisions? (Again, be willing to point to specific scenes as evidence to support your conclusions.)
How do they handle controversy and attacks?
Are there unique challenges to being a reporter in 2017 as opposed to in 2015?
You could opt to focus on one journalist or several from the documentary. Be sure you spell the people’s names correctly. You can double-check the spelling by looking at the “cast” list on The Fourth Estate’s IMDB page (Links to an external site.).
Generic responses lacking in specificity and detail will be downgraded.

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