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Wikipedia Comparison and Contribution Over Race/Ethnicity in Colonial Lat Am

Wikipedia Comparison and Contribution over Race/Ethnicity in Colonial Lat Am
Select a Wikipedia on a topic, event, or individual of your choice that was covered in the module.
Analyze a similar entry from the Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, which you can access
How accurate was the Wikipedia entry in terms of the factual information presented?
How was the information substantiated?Were historical sources cited?
Did the entry use foreign language sources?
Did the entry have any discernable biases?
The most important part of the assignment is to explain the insights the wikipedia entry provided into historical events covered in the module and how it added to your understanding of the information covered in this module. In explaining how it related to the module, reference material from
your readings in the textbook chapter
Your primary source readings
Your Interpretive Reading assignment

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