Instructions How to Write

Cascade Engineering

1. Describe the vision, mission, and culture of Cascade Engineering

2. How does WaterWheel align with the mission, vision, and culture of Cascade Engineering?

3. How does WaterWheel align with the strategy of Cascade Engineering?

4. Who are the key stakeholders in Cascade and what were their roles?

5. Who are the two most important stakeholders who might support Terrence Robinson the strongest, and what is motivating their support?

6. Who might require more persuasion so they do not create roadblocks?

7. What are the rational, i.e. fact-based, and emotional arguments for the WaterWheel that Terrence can use with his stakeholders?

8. If you were Terrence, who would you look to first to discuss your idea? Why? What messages would you communicate to persuade this key stakeholder?

9. How will you measure the impact of the WaterWheel program if it is approved? Define the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for measuring the efficacy of that program, how you would collect and verify the data needed for each KPI, and how you will report the performance of the program to internal and external stakeholders.

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