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U.S Travel Ban:Nigeria and Other Nations

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President Trump has issued a new travel ban that restricts entry into the United States from Burma (Myanmar), Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania

Beyond those people who may now never make it across American borders, the new ban could also affect millions who have no plans to travel to the United States themselves but may have benefited from the billions of dollars in remittances visa holders send home each year.

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There are many mentions of protecting the US from outsiders. For example, Barbara Drury Gibbons posted two pictures of quotes, one from Thomas Jefferson, declaring criminals are the enemy of the people, and the other from George Washington, asserting that people should be armed so they can maintain independence from those who want to abuse them

Neither of these quotes has anything to do with immigration, but is used to perpetuate fear by associating immigrants with criminality and threats to the nation’s well-being. I would love to ask Barbara to discuss these thoughts with her Muslim friends, but I am assuming she likely does not have any. Barbara is challenged in a comment on her post by Ronda Haavind testifying, “Our Constitution covers anyone on our Shores, citizen or immigrant,” but Barbara replies, “the forefathers are ‘rolling in their grave’ at what our government had done & become”. Another fear largely posted in social media is the idea that if we let Muslim immigrants into the US, we will be affected by Sharia law.

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The temporary block of the ban by a panel of judges has given Sadaf more hopes

With the January 27 block and the March 6 court restriction has shuttered the government effort in enacting the policy. It raises a wide range of constitutional problems that cannot allow the government to act on her decision (Roberts 1). This ban on Muslim spark from the Trump presidential campaign where he promised to put a halt to Muslim immigration to the United States the first day he takes office. As he stated in his campaigns, Trump promised to a “complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”(Davidson 1). Although the federal court order in the United States on the immigration is a quite serious thing, it is not evidenced that there is good will to support it or even revoke the trumping rule. In other words, although it represents the principle and laws, if the American culture does no support it doomed to collapse (Davidson 1).

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After all, The United States may also emerge a loser, studies suggest. Nigerians are among the most successful and highly educated immigrants to America

(Mr. Trump, demanding to know why immigration policies did not favor people from countries like Norway, once disparaged those from Africa and Haiti, and said Nigerians would never go back to their “huts” if they were allowed in.)

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