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Discovering Texan Culture

1. Assigned Country
2.Explore the website of The Institute of Texan Cultures ( and look for content related to immigration, Texan cultures, and your assigned country.
3.Take a virtual tour of another museum that showcases the culture of your assigned country. A good place to start is Google Arts & Culture ( where you can visit collections from all over the world (the “Map” function is very useful to locate museums from your assigned country). Make sure that the virtual collection you visit refers to your assigned country. In your post, share the name of the museum you visited and what you have learned from this virtual visit.
4.An excellent introduction to the topic of this module is the book “Gone to Texas: The Immigration of Cultures” (retrieved from UTSA’s Libraries Special Collections at
5.Continue your exploration by reading the “Texans One and All”short essay dedicated to your assigned country
6.Check additional resources on the Internet and gather information on the culture of your assigned country and its role in the development of the culture of Texas. List all the resources you found about the culture of your assigned country and its influences on the culture of Texas. Include at least three resources (with related links and/or files) and, for each resource, discuss how you verified its rigor and authenticity. Wikipedia should not be one of the resources you cite, but it can be a great starting point for your research. However, before you do that, watch the following video, which discusses how to critically approach and use Wikipedia (you can start watching at 6:42): =402

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