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Marathon Case Study

Debbie is completing her first marathon tomorrow. She has prepared herself physiologically (by training and eating properly) and seems ready to go! She arrives at the race with a couple hours left until the starting gun goes off. She drinks her Gatorade ( electrolytes beverage)right away. She doesn't want to ear anything because she is feeling nauseous she grabs a 1L bottle of water and finishes that off in the next half hour. Just before the race starts she notices a support table set up with more drinks set up so she grabs another couple drinks and a bottle of water, runs to the bathroom to urinate and is ready to start. Throughout the race, Debbie consumes water at each aid station, but dislikes the energy beverage they have set up so she doesn't have any of that. About 4km before the end of the race, debbie really starts to feel sick, she goes to the sidelines because she can hear her friends, but she can barely make it there. Her legs are wobbly and she is really confused. Debbie collapses and falls into a coma before being taken to hospital where she is pronounced dead. What do you think has happened to Debbie? What did Debbie do wrong? What could she have done to prevent this from happening? What happened PHYSIOLOGICALLY??

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