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Interview a Person With a Mental Health Disorder

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Mental Health Policy in Scotland Prevention Scotland has several programs to aid in the prevention of the progression mental illness. There are courses on Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid, mentally healthy workplace training, and suicide prevention training.

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SWH: What has been the most helpful coping mechanism for your mental illness? Casey: Tumblr, though it has its triggers, gives me a place to vent, read other’s stories, and know that I’m not alone. There are people around the world who struggle with mental illnesses

For myself, I’ve started knitting and painting more to relax myself since my anxiety makes me very tense and stressed.

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it’s hard but I have just got to lose this anger, if not I am just not going to get any better, I’m just going to carry on and I am going to end up, like I said before, I will end up either crippled, dead or locked up and I don’t want that, I just want to be able do what I want to do in the daytime and get home at night and just relax[.] Participant 3 (IAPT, depression/anger)

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From the foregoing, it is evident that mental health workers such as counselors are extremely vital in the society today. Their role of rehabilitation and handling situations of mental instability cannot be handled efficiently by any other person apart from them. They should be accorded all the respect they deserve

Also, this field of work should be given attention by the government in order to back up its activities.

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Hill, M., Laybourn, A., Borland, M. and Secker, J. (1996) Promoting mental and emotional well-being: the perceptions of younger children. In Trent, D. R. (ed.), Promoting Mental Health. Avebury, Aldershot, vol. 5.

Gordon, J. and Grant, G. (1997) How We Feel: An Insight into the Emotional World of Teenagers. Jessica Kingsly, London.

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