Instructions How to Write

Book Essay

1. Analysis: The analysis of the book consists of two parts. First, write a statement of theme for each book by answering each of the following questions as each applies to the book the essay is focusing on: who is the book about; what is the book about; where do the major events described in the book take place; and when do the major events described in the book take place. Second, correctly identify the author’s thesis by locating it in the
Prologue or Introduction of the book. Once you have located the correct thesis quote it in its entirety and cite the page number in parenthesis at the end of the quoted statement.
Please Note: Failure to identify the correct thesis will result in a 50-point deduction of your overall book essay. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.
2. Criticism: The critique of each book consists of providing an objective evaluation and and subjective evaluation of each book.
a. Objective Evaluation: Look to see if the author of the book includes a bibliography and/or endnotes in their book. Does the author’s selection of source material inspire confidence in their work? Does the author seem well-informed based on your review of this material? Does the author’s thesis seem logical?
Answer these questions in your essay and you will produce an objective evaluation of the book.
b. Subjective Evaluation: What is your opinion of the book? Does the book seem like it will be interesting and enjoyable, or dull and boring? Would you recommend to a friend or colleague who was not a student in this course? What about the book do you think you would like the most? What do you think you would like the least? Answer these questions in your essay and you will produce a subjective evaluation of the book.
Testing Conclusions: After completing the analysis and critique of the book, test your conclusions by locating at minimum two (2) published reviews of the book. Read each review and state whether or not the review was positive, negative, or neutral. Afterwards, indicate which of the two published reviews you thought was best and briefly explain why.

Although it is important to write your reaction papers using complete sentences, full paragraphs, as well as pay attention to correct grammar, these are intended to be informal papers where students freely express their thoughts and reactions to the information learned from the video presentations throughout the semester. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to the content of each reaction paper. The main purpose the student needs to keep in mind is that they clearly demonstrate that they watched the videos and gave the information some thought before writing their reaction papers.

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