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USA/China/Japan COVID Procedure & Crime Control

As you know the COVID-19 has devastated the USA and the world. All governments throughout the world scrambled to come up with various virus control strategies. How do you evaluate the pandemic control in the USA, compared to that in China and Japan? What are the main differences in effectiveness of the fights? What have caused the differences? Can you see the cultural background of each country's method of operation? Be specific.

American citizens question if our governments at federal, state, and local levels are competent in preventing, controlling and relieving natural and social disasters. This issue can be related to crime control. Why does the United States suffer from one of the highest violent crime rates in the world? Is our government doing a good job of preventing and controlling violent crimes? Do you think that the American public should grant our government more power to control the society after we see the terrible results of Covid-19 hitting our local towns and devasting our neighborhoods? Is this the time for the USA to switch the social control mechanism from the due process model to the crime control model?

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