Instructions How to Write

Interprofessional Communication & Collaboration

• Introduction
Includes an introduction of the paper, and describes why they selected the scenario and the source of the scenario (experience, original ideas, other sources such as YouTube video, poem, etc.)
• Scenario
May take the form of an actual experience the student had related to mentoring, interprofessional communication and collaboration, leadership, or professional development through mentoring. It may also be a scenario created from the original ideas of the student or from a YouTube video, poem, story, or article.
• Background/Literature Review
A minimum of 2 research articles from nursing professional journals (not course required readings) are expected. Identify 3 key points in each article supporting the main ideas of communication, collaboration, and leadership to enhance safe, quality, and culturally competent nursing care.
• Theoretic Perspective
a. Applies theories of communication
b. Vance’s (2011) description of mentoring
c. ANA (2015) standards
d. Discusses the theoretical perspective in relation to the background and literature and the scenario
• Reflection
Reflect upon how you will cultivate your mentoring potential, communication skills, and talents for success in the areas of communication, collaboration, and leadership.
• Implications and Recommendations
Discuss one implication for nursing practice connected to what you have learned by completing this paper (specifically from the key ideas, background, and/or theoretical perspectives) Make at least two recommendations related to nursing practice, education, research, or administration.
• Closing
Provide a summary and make closing statements

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