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How Architecture Has Evolved Since Its Beginning to Present Day? How It Will Continue to Evolve in the Future?

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Architecture is a special form of art that combines both aesthetical and practical features. When you build a house, you do not just live there. You want to make your house look remarkable and alluring. Think about various monumental buildings. Old cathedrals, town halls, marketplaces were built in the most sophisticated and uncommon way. People used these administrative and sacral buildings for practical and aesthetical purposes.

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Throughout time, architecture has persisted as one of the most profoundly important reflections of culture. Whether we consider monumental structures such as the Coliseum, Notre Dame and Taj Mahal or modern icons such as the Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House or Guggenheim Museum, we see each building reflecting the story of the time, and how that iteration of culture wished to project itself to the future. Architecture also persists through our infrastructure from bridges to public spaces and even the very layout of our cities themselves. In this sense, one could consider architects as being the arbiters of our future history

There are so many Architecture companies nowadays, how do you choose architecture services in Michigan that will create an iconic design that will reflect the story, history and future of your business? How did architecture become so central to our experience of being human?

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Environmentalists will rejoice over printed buildings, since 92% of building waste is now the result of renovation and demolition (Franklin Associates, 1998). Dramatic reductions would be possible because “printed” structures would be almost entirely recyclable, since the diverse materials used would easily be disassembled and auto-sorted much the way trash is today. Additionally, designers will be able to easily perform analysis of finite structural elements, enabling a whole new level of structural comprehension and daring, and wresting a good deal of power from structural engineers

Best of all for consumers, the duration, amount of material, and cost of a project will be fairly precisely known in advance. Of course, the inevitable curve ball hurled at architects is if people themselves design and build their “dream houses” using programs like Google’s free 3D modeler SketchUp in conjunction with intrepid 3D-printing contractors, thus ensuring lively design review hearings for some time to come (Kostas Terzidis, 2006).

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On balance, being art and science, architecture inhabits a unique space among the modern knowledge systems. In the 21st century and beyond, architecture is all set to satisfy both aesthetic sensibilities, and functional, economic and social requirements of the human race.

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