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Instruction on Medicaid

1.How many Americans get healthcare through Medicaid?

2. Explain why some states have better "outcomes" than others.

3. Most life saving care is ____

4. Explain why FDR dropped a universal health care system from his New Deal programs.

5. Explain why employee-based health care developed in the US but not develop in other countries.

6. Regarding other countries such as Germany and France, explain the difference between private health care and public health care. Explain the three restrictions those countries place on private health care companies.

7. Explain why President Truman's plan for national health care failed.

8. Describe the TV ad featuring Ronald Reagan and explain how that ad illustrates the second dilemma of government. Also explain why the language used would it have been successful in the US but not France or other countries.

9.Explain how Medicaid works in terms of what role the federal government plays (be sure to address funding and mandated coverage), what role the state governments play (be sure to address funding coverage).

10. Explain what Matthew's story illustrates about variations in state laws. Also explain why comparing health care to algebra might be effective at getting Americans to favor expanding health care coverage to everyone.

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