Instructions How to Write

Classical argument


A few things to remember:

1. MLA - everything is in MLA!! title, heading,

2. No direct quote from a source should be longer than 1 typed line

3. Only one source can be used per paragraph and no paragraph should have more than one citation

4. this argument should be between 3-4 pages. Not including the works cited page

5. Go easy on the personal pronouns: I, you, we, us, our. These imply that YOU (the author) are part of the audience you are trying to persuade.. which sees counterproductive

6. Follow these general argument guideline: (watch Collaborate Video for further explanation)

Intro with claim (what you are going to prove)
background information to make your case
Argument Point 1 (These paragraphs should look like- Intro of point, explanation of how it supports claim, attribution of source, source material to support point stated, explanation of why support is valid, transition to next argument point)
Argument Point 2
Argument Point 3
Counter Arguments for 3 stated points
Rebuttal to Counter Argument Points
Closing (Don't just restate your claim)

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