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Affordable Care Act

One thing that no one is arguing about regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA) is that it is dramatically changing the face of healthcare in the United States.
Since you will be practicing and educating within the framework of the ACA, you should probably understand it!
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The ACA affects the models of care we use in practice, it affects funding for nursing education, it affects clinical practice related to Electronic Health Records, and of course it affects people’s insurability.
Find one piece of the ACA policy that interests you and your group- be careful- this is a huge federal policy!

Сompose the following:

Summary of the ACA policy
Why is this policy necessary?
Who the policy affects? How many people does the policy affect? Are there specific populations that are affected?
i.e. people who earn up to 135% of federal poverty limits are now eligible for Medicaid under the ACA Medicaid expansion
How the policy is being implemented? Examine at least 3 different states
What are the evaluation measures in place in the 3 states to determine if these interventions are fulfilling the intention of the policy? What evaluation measures are in place to determine if these interventions are making a difference in the population’s health?
Group evaluation/reflection: Does this policy make sense? Is it worthwhile to spend time, financial, and human resources to implement? Why or why not? (group consensus may be used and cited as such)

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