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Saint Augustine Confessions Analysis

Among the questions a good critical book review should answer are the following:
1. Who is the author and what are his qualifications? (In the case of Augustine’s Confessions, there is no need to make the obvious point that the author of an autobiography is knowledgeable about his subject. The more important question would be “Why would potential readers care about him?”)
2. What is the author’s purpose in writing this book? How well does the author support his main points? (Why does Augustine address his book to God?)
3. How effective is the literary style? (Do specific phrases or images or events stick in your mind?)
4. In what ways did the book change (or reinforce) your view of this period of history? (For example, when you picked up the Confessions did you expect a Church Father to think as he did? Did anything surprise you?)
5. Does the author misrepresent anything or ignore significant issues?
6. Did you find something useful to your spiritual life in this book?

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