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Review of Jurassic Park

Watch the movie, Jurassic Park (1993), and make notes on plot-lines and depictions.

Summarize, in your own words, the geological features/ event(s) and/or subplots observed in the film. Be specific: provide details from the film/tv show to illustrate and support your observations, focused on geologic aspects. This should NOT simply be a general summary of the film (like you’d find on Wikipedia or IMDB). Instead, be sure to focus on aspects related to the subject of this course.

How believable/ realistic are depictions of the geologic aspects? How do the geologic effects in the film compare to real expectations for such an event or situation? (Be specific; use text and/or other reliable resources for help!) How does this fictional presentation impact the way that you think about the earth process? Include appropriate details, from the film and from actual earth processes, as well as your own insights and thoughts.

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