Instructions How to Write

Three cases of scientific fraud/cheating in genetics, and proposed policies or how to limit the incidence and consequences of fraud.


The structure has five sections:
1. Introduction (1 page)
2. Case 1 (1.5 pages)
3. Case 2 (1.5 pages)
4. Case 3 (1.5 pages)
5. Reflection and policy proposals (1 pages).

The material in each section should be as follows:
Section 1. Introduction (1 page)
Briefly introduce the topic of fraud/cheating in science
Briefly introduce each of the three cases to be discussed
Briefly introduce the proposals for dealing with fraud/cheating in the final section.
Section 2-4. Cases (1.5 pages each = 4.5 pages total)
Research three cases of cheating in science, one for each section. For each case/section:
1. Explain the science behind the case – what was the scientific problem that the scientists were trying to solve. Why did it matter?
2. What was the fraud/cheating?
3. How was the cheating person(s) caught?
4. What were the consequences to the cheating person(s)?
5. What were broader harms done by the cheating? For each case, name at least five harms that were done. Did people die because of bad science? Did investors or the government waste money on bad science? Did non-cheaters have their ideas stolen and so not receive credit?
Section 5. Reflections and policy proposals (1 pages)
Based on what you have learned and research into current policies:
Reflect on what you have learned and how it has affected your views of science/the world/cheating. Was anything particularly interesting?
Based on what you have learned, what policies would you propose to decrease the incidence or consequences of cheating? What should punishments for cheaters be? What compensation should be given to the victims of cheating?
Section 6. References.
You must use at least 20 sources – newspaper articles, wikipedia entries, genetics textbooks, etc. For every fact or argument that you include in your paper, you must cite the source. Any argument or fact that you include in your paper from another source must be stated in your own words. The assignments will be run through TurnItIn, and assignments that are flagged for plagiarism will not receive credit. All cited resources must be listed in a standard reference format.

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