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Analysis of Nation's Economy

I. Overview

In this section, you will continue to provide an overview of your chosen sport organization that you plan to pursue for your final project, its current state, and the goal it hopes to achieve.

D. Briefly discuss some specific business data that can be used to inform the decision of the sport organization’s expansion into an international market.

E. Provide a high-level description of potential sales and revenue growth opportunity that your target nation provides.

F. Determine potential costs associated with bringing this sport organization into the international market. For example, where would your organization’s headquarters be located within the target nation? Where will games be played?

II. Sport Organization Analysis

In this part of the assessment, you will examine your sport organization by conducting a SWOT analysis and reviewing the results, which will then inform future decisions and strategies for moving to new markets.

A. Conduct a SWOT analysis that identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your organization.

B. Based on your SWOT analysis, describe the readiness of the organization to enter the market of your target nation.

III. Target Nation Analysis

Each nation has its own unique characteristics that must be considered before conducting business within it. In this part of the assessment, you will analyze your target nation in order to best inform your approach to expanding your sport organization.

A. Analyze the current status of your target nation’s economy. How can this impact the success of your organization within that market?

B. Analyze the presence of the sport industry within your target nation; justify how your organization will fit within this industry.

C. Analyze political and policy challenges and benefits presented by your target nation to organizations joining its sport market.

Guidelines for Submission: Should be 3 pages in length with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and APA

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