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Music in Films

1. Choose a film. Any film from any genre, time period, language etc (as long as it has music and is NOT one of the films covered in the lecture presentation)

2. Give me a short biography on the film's composer (if you are going to choose a film that utilizes a soundtrack as score then this will be problematic-discuss instead the significance of the genres of the selections chosen and maybe a short sentence or two on the artist/musician)

3. Discuss the entire film in terms of the musical score:

What film did you choose and why?
What is the genre of the film? Often times the genre will dictate the type of score generally being used.
Is it traditional in the sense that each character has their own thematic music etc, is it non-traditional, electronic?
It would be highly beneficial to find a copy of the score (OST) as you can listen to the cues in their natural form and at normal volumes. You might get lucky online for free. Feel free to ask me (I may have it). If you are a torrenter then the typical sites tend to have what you need (I recommend the site Download Soundtracks as it is dedicated to movie soundtracks of all kinds and I have yet to find a film it does not have)
Clearly having a copy of the film is required as well. For this if you do not own a copy then you have a myriad of locations; Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ etc (and torrenters know where to go).
NOTE: Chances are you will be watching this film multiple times and rewinding sections extensively so pick something you enjoy watching.
Discuss the cues/scenes. How was the music utilized? What worked best? What didn't etc.?
Be as in depth as possible (write this as though you presume I have never seen your film choice nor heard the score
As always; introduction and conclusion are essential
If you do seek outside sources including Wikipedia (and I am loathe to recommend that site ever) then please include a works cited page.
Ultimately have fun with this. It is not meant to be stressful

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