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Medicinal Use Marijuana

In the past few years laws have been passed in some states allowing for the “medicinal use” of marijuana for pain control in chronically ill patients.

1. If you were in charge of such a program, how would you determine who should be included under such an exception to the drug laws?

2. Is pain a legitimate reason to use marijuana?

3.How does it differ from a prescription pain medication?

Also include the following information:
4. Which states have this drug law in effect and when did they pass the law to use it?
5How does Pennsylvania fit in here with their dispensing of marijuana?
6 Where does PA fit in here with recreational marijuana?
7. Who was responsible for the medicinal marijuana bill for Penssylvania?
8. How does it help ecomonically?

9.What illness is marijuana used for? Name at least 10.

10. Name 5 ways that you can use marijuana; i.e. eating it. You may not use eating brownies and eating it in something else as different ways. Eating is eating.

11 Is it a gateway drug?

12. How does marijuana help the opioid crisis?

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