Instructions How to Write

Brand Analysis

Who are your targeted audiences/customers? What is your brand offering? What are your weekly SMART goals?
What interactions and CTAs have you had? Why are they adding value to your brand or audiences?
What content did you create on both your website and social media platforms? Include links and demonstrate a few in class.
What did you do to promote your brand? Organically? Advertising? What are some of your best results?
What do your metrics look like? Demonstrate the progress of your achievement using proper graphs and charts, especially time series charts (Links to an external site.)for some of your most important metrics over the past 4 weeks.
What have you learned? Provide insights on the most important findings, especially things that you would NOT have learned without the 4 week's hard work.

Is the presenter able to deliver all required information within the constraint 5 minutes?
Is the presenter able to use marketing terminologies correctly?
Is the communication clear? For example, instead of saying “I worked on my website on a bunch of stuff or so”, be specific about what “stuff” did you actually worked on.
Do the presentation slides contain sufficient information about your work during the past 5 weeks?
Is the presentation professional and engaging?
Is the digital demonstration well-executed without tech hiccups? You need to make sure all links in your slides are clickable.
Can the presenter provide reasonable and professional answers with relevant information to questions? Avoid statements like "I don't know", "I was asked to do it" or "I won't work on it after this semester so I don't have a plan".
The slides need to be uploaded on Canvas by 11:59 pm on 10/10/2019. Failing to submit the slides by the deadline will receive a 20% deduction (i.e., 0.8 pt). Presenting without slides will receive a 50% deduction (i.e., 2 pts)

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