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The Greek Hero - Achilles

Goal: The goal of this essay is to examine, through careful research, the definition of a Greek hero in mythology and apply that definition to the stories assigned as well as our culture today.

1) In a well-written, well-argued essay, you are being asked to define the Greek hero, and then apply your definition to the gods and the people in the stories we read.
2) You must have 7 or more paragraphs, including an introduction paragraph (with a thesis), body paragraphs, and conclusion. Each body paragraph must contain 10-16+ sentences. Your introduction paragraph cannot go beyond page 1.
3) You must have 4 or more sources in the Works Cited. One of those sources can be Hamilton’s book. However, at least 2 sources must be critical research into your myth. You are more than welcome to have more than 4 sources. For example, you can use a mythology encyclopedia as a source, but a mythology encyclopedia is not the same as a critic discussing what it means to be a hero. Most critical discussions of mythology are found in the campus database, books, or anthologies.
4) You must include critical research—that is, what do the critics, mythology experts, and academics have to say about the Greek hero? You can use Hamilton’s book and any other source that talks about myths. However, that alone cannot be your list of sources. In other words, you need experts that focus on what it is you are arguing.
5) This essay has a few requirements in the paragraphs. Here are those requirements:
A) In your opinion, what is the definition of a Greek hero? This must be done in a paragraph, and it is an argument paragraph following T/S EL E/Q A C. This cannot be a They Say paragraph! It must be your opinion. However, you need E/Q, so focus your research on those that agree with your definition. This needs to be crystal clear because once you establish this definition, you will need it throughout the entire essay.
B) Once you have your definition, you have two options:
1) Choose one Greek god or human that matches your definition. Take that character and show how he/she defined your definition of a Greek hero. What did he/she do? How did he/she act during the journey/myth? You would need to make at least 3 connections in order to meet the paragraph requirements for this essay. This would be a very deep dive into one Greek hero.
2) Choose 3 Greek gods or humans that match your definition. Take these characters and apply them to your definition. What makes them a hero? Since you will have 3 Greek characters, it would mean each god/human is discussed in one paragraph. Each paragraph would prove your definition by talking about one god at a time.
C) Based on your definition of a Greek hero, are there heroes like this in our culture today? You can answer yes or no, but either way, you must prove your argument, so you need an example here as well. In order to help answer this part of the essay, you are allowed to pick fictional characters as well as real people.
6) Here is an example of how an essay might look. This is just an example!
Paragraph 1: Introduction paragraph
Paragraph 2: I believe the definition of a Greek hero is…
Paragraph 3: I believe X is a Greek here because…
Paragraph 4: Furthermore, I believe X is a Greek here because…
Paragraph 5: Finally, I believe X is a Greek here because…
Paragraph 6: I believe Greek heroes are alive today because….
Paragraph 7: Conclusion
7) Please remember that this is an argument essay. Do not write a report about a Greek god. You must build your essay around your opinion.
Each paragraph in my example above would follow T/S EL E/Q A C and needs proof from our texts and your research.

T/S = Topic Sentence
EL = Elaborate Argument
E/Q = Example or Quote for support
A = Analyze the example or quote
C = Concluding sentence

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