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Screen Time Effects on Children

(1) A literature review of relevant research in an area that is of interest to you, summarized and leading to...

(2) a research question you wish to ask and why you wish to ask it (based on the gaps in the literature you have reviewed). This will require you to do a brief literature review of a research area that is of interest to you that includes a comprehensive search of the literature on a topic of interest, using PubMed, PsycInfo, or Web of Science, acquiring and summarizing the literature using references where appropriate, explaining what is known in the area, describing your research question, and explaining why your research question addresses an issue that is unknown or unclear currently in the literature.

For this assignment you must use Endnote or an alternative such as Zotero or EasyBib at Word also has a built-in citation/bibliography formatter. Search for articles on your topic of interest (we will review how to do this in class).

List at least 6 of the most appropriate references that you have found and read. Describe findings and interesting themes that you have uncovered and list a research question that you hope to pursue given what you have learned from reviewing the literature.

During your literature review, that we will begin in class, you should:

1. Identify primary source articles that address the topics/phenomena you are interested.

2. Download relevant articles.

3. Read the articles that seem most relevant, keeping in mind the criteria below (highly cited, recent, reputable journals)

4. Identify replicated and equivocal findings. Give special attention to the “future research” sections of the articles that you read.

5. Generate a focused research question that has potential to add new information to the literature.

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