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This reading response should be two to three pages double spaced. The first page should be a summary of Edward Said’s theories of Orientalism in the context of post-colonial studies. I expect you to cite both Said (directly from the assigned reading) and Foucault (from the textbook or from the Stuart Hall article). You are encouraged to cite other theorists. Remember, however, that the goal is to give an overview of Orientalism and post-colonial studies – what are the main ideas? Why does it matter? Do not give random details without describing the stakes of this theory.

In addition, you should include one paragraph describing the importance of this theory (Orientalism or post-colonial studies) for art history, based on the textbook.

The remainder of your reading response should focus on the painting Femmes d’Alger dans leur appartement (1834) by Eugène Delacroix or the photograph Les Femmes du Maroc #1 (2005) by Lalla Essaydi or both. Use the tools of post-colonial studies and especially Orientalism to offer a critical analysis of one or both of these images. You should not focus on framing questions but on offering an analysis based on this theory. You do not need to cover all information about the images but should instead focus on how using this theory clarifies the stakes of this work. How does Said help us to analyze this work?

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