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Sociology Questions

1) Sociology is not simply a restatement of the obvious.” Explain this statement using examples from the text to demonstrate how sociological study helps us look beyond individual explanations for behavior.

2) Can social scientists ever prove the cause(s) of human behavior? Why or why not? Discuss the nature of causation in social science, including special considerations in studying human subjects.

3) A sociologist wishes to gain insight into street vendor activities in a major American city. What research method would probably be best to use in such a study? Why? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this method in regard to this topic?

4) Assume the perspective of a cultural outsider to describe three elements of material culture evident in a room in your house (kitchen, living room, family room, bathroom, and so on). Assume no knowledge of the proper names for things or their uses. Describe the activities, rituals, and customs that occur in the room on a typical day. Do any elements appear to be signifiers or symbols? If so, of what are they?

5) Why is cybercrime so difficult to prosecute? What strategies could you suggest to more easily prosecute cybercriminals? Answer in one paragraph.

6) Could shaming be used to successfully reduce crime in the United States? Which type of shaming would be most useful and why? Use concrete examples of shaming in American society to illustrate your answer. Your answer should be one to two paragraphs in length.

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