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Performance Analysis of a Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant With Waste Heat Recovery in Organic Rankine Cycle

1.0 How does the combined gas turbine power cycle work?
2.0 What are the factors that control the performance of a gas turbine combined cycle power plant?
3.0 Why the authors have considered the gas-steam-organic combined cycle power plant? In other words, why they add an organic Rankine cycle unit downstream of the gas-steam combined cycle power plant?
4.0 What was their conclusion on performance analysis, fuel savings, and costs?
5.0 What is meant by the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)? Why they have chosen two different working fluids for ORC? Discuss the effect of R 134a and R 123 on the output power of ORC.
6.0 Why the authors have mentioned the fossil fuel depletion in the paper? Does it somehow related to the fuel cost estimation?
7.0 Have the authors successfully validated the flue gas parameters?
8.0 Do you see any limitations to this paper? If Yes, tell us where you see the limitation and why you think like that? Any suggestions?
9.0 Do you think this paper was worthy of publication?
10.0 Do you have any recommendations for the authors?

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