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Developing a Business Requirements Document

A project’s success is directly tied to the decomposition of the customer’s needs into requirements and the management of them. The Charter, Scope document, Stakeholder register are some of the inputs to the business requirements. Requirements should provide enough detail in that they are clear, unambiguous, consistent and can be measured. It is important to remember that requirements are not organized objectives but details that clearly outline the needs/wants of the customer; all of which must be fulfilled in order to meet the project objective and meet the customers’ expectations.

Requirements can also be collected through analysis, brainstorming, focus groups, interviews, direct observation, reverse engineering, prototyping, surveys, or by holding a requirements workshop with key stakeholders. The requirements collection technique may differ from project to project; however, all should be categorized and prioritized (must have vs. nice to have). Once complete, a walk-through of the requirements should be held with all stakeholders to ensure that they are final and can be approved with no issues.

Requirements can be recorded in a document, spreadsheet, or database and may vary in complexity. Regardless of the vehicle, remember all requirements must be clear and concise.

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