Instructions How to Write

Book Review

Introduce the book title, author, and what you are writing about (clear thesis statement provided)Should be less than 1 page
Thesis statement should discuss the highlights of the book, and the major points you will be making in your analysis.
Summary of the book:
Summarize the most important aspects of the book. Make sure you give specifics.
Should be roughly 2 pages (do not do 3 or 4 pages of summary and skimp on the next section)
Critique of the book:
How does this book contradict or reinforce course material? Is it a different perspective? What are the issues? Are there any solutions? Are the solutions provided by the book different than those discussed in class? Specifics are better than generalities. Critical thinking is crucial to this portion of the paper.
You must provide support for your arguments- provide at least 5 empirical, peer-reviewed references.
Make sure you are citing using APA formatting
This portion of the paper should be 2-3 pages.
Briefly summarize the book and the major points of your analysis
Should be roughly 1/2 - 3/4 of a page.
Author, title, publisher, year. Please provide all references used/cited in your paper in APA 7th edition citation format!
Does not count towards your page count.

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