Instructions How to Write

Health Care Delivery in the United States

Step ONE:

Complete a search for an innovative care delivery model/program/etc. to discuss. You may also choose a program in your area or something found in your research.

Step TWO:

Create a document that provides adequate information about the selected model/program. You may also want to compare / contrast this program with another (they are not all created equal). After the initial assessment (as seen in the summary) , provide future directions for this type of care (For example: What is the future of healthcare?)


Your final discussion should be professional, include detailed information, and be void of opinion. This assessment requires the use of APA 6th ed. referencing. Since this is a discussion board posting, you are not required to submit a title page, abstract, etc – rather you will post directly on the discussion board (No Attachments) and include the proper reference listing at the bottom of your posting. Faculty will evaluate postings for plagiarism (from external resources, as well as "borrowing" content from your classmates' postings).

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