Instructions How to Write

Critical Reading Response

1. Textual Analysis: What is the major claim set forth by the author? That is, what is their central argument? Try to narrow your description of their claim to 1-2 sentences. What new concepts or terms does the author introduce? Briefly define them in your own words. How do this claim and these terms contribute to/impact/shift/change cultural ideas about gender? State your answer concisely. You may sparingly quote the text, citing page numbers, but you may not lean heavily on long quotations.
2. Media Example: Succinctly but illustratively apply the author’s central theory, claim, argument, or term to a media example of your choice. Choose something we haven’t yet looked at in class. Any medium is fair game (film, TV, magazines, social media, videogames, you name it). Any historical period is also fair game. You may choose something contemporary, even if the article centers on history. How does looking at your chosen example help expand our understanding of the text and its argument?
3. Discussion Question: What question do you have about the reading that it would be good to discuss in class? Pose a question that does not have a simple yes/no answer, but one that can foment discussion.

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