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Multi-Disciplinary Approaches

Discusses a business approach to structuring the megacommunity in order to sustain it. What do you see as the biggest success factor in using a business approach to sustain the megacommunity you have created in your strategies? If it includes more than one main factor, explain how the factors work together to make a comprehensive success story.

When engaging multi-disciplines in homeland security how can the relationships across the sectors remain healthy and robust in order to be a viable megacommunity, measuring the strategy with actionable, effective results?

One of the most difficult challenges to overcome when dealing with multi-disciplines in homeland security is talking the same language. Once there is a common understanding of disciplines and cross-sectors, it will be easier to get through issues; however, even when there is a common language conflict can still arise in areas where motives may be different. What are some ways to resolve conflict in a megacommunity, especially when there are opposing views that threaten to weaken the relationships you are trying to form?

The private sector is often referred to as an untapped resource for the public sector, yet there are many challenges to overcome in order for that partnership to thrive. Do you think engaging the private sector is a realistic option in your strategies?

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