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Social Media Compare and Contrast

Compare the social media marketing efforts of two business that could reasonably be considered competitors in terms of the products and services they are attempting to market. This could be large brewery companies like AB Inbev & MolsonCoors. This could be craft brewers like New Belgium & Odells. This could be two brewpubs that compete in the same market. This could be two wine bars or two restaurants that have an extensive beverage program. The choice is up to you, but part of the paper is to justify why you feel these operations are head-to-head competitors.

Describe and analyze the content that is provided by each company. Compare how they are similar and how they are different. Two craft brewers may have a similar range of products, but they may have very different customer bases in mind – how does what they offer speak to the two audiences? How well do you feel they connect with their bases? What tools do they use to connect with users? Do they offer any incentives to try the product?

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