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Book Review - Simi Linton - My Body Politic

Using Simi Linton’s memoir: My Body Politic, use 2 pages to summarize the author’s life including milestones, significant people and events from beginning to end. Discuss the author’s inner experience that might involve her feelings, beliefs, attitudes and misgivings about her experiences.

For the remaining four pages, please expand on how the author refers to herself and other people with disabilities. What does the language she has used tell you about the meaning she gives to it? Is she imbuing medical meaning to the terms or is she advocating for a reassigning of meaning to disability? Provide two or more examples with your analysis.
Also expand on how did media representations play a role in Simi Linton’s story and her discussion of how disability is presented in society? Provide at least two illustrations from her writing and what insights are revealed from each.
Furthermore, how did public policies and legislation influence the author’s experience? Make sure you describe the particular policy or law and explain in detail how it affected her life.

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