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Questions on Geography

1) Describe the impact of deforestation in Latin America, focusing on a particular country. Also, are any steps being taken to slow the rate of deforestation? If so, what are they?

2) What policies and actions have been implemented to work toward urban sustainability in Latin American cities? Mexico City and Bogotá are mentioned in the textbook, but you may also find other examples of other cities. Curitiba in Brazil, for example, has been recognized for its environmentally friendly strategies, and La Paz, Bolivia adopted an innovative and geographically appropriate method for addressing traffic congestion.

3) How is "race" conceptualized in Latin America? How is this different than in the U.S.? How do social and economic status relate to race and ethnicity? (Again, you may want to focus on a particular country.)

4) What have been the impacts of the maquiladora program in Mexico? Do you think these impacts have been positive or negative, or both? Please explain.

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