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Questions on Computer Science

Modern computer systems use packet switched networks to converge many applications into a common network and a layered structure is used to perform the functions required (eg ISO 7-layer model).
Briefly describe how security is implemented at each layer in such a network?
In what way might a typical business operation be impacted by a cybersecurity breach of an internet gateway router?
Give one example..
Search for an organisational security policy and discuss the following points:
How do internet gateway routers help to defend the network from cyberattack?
What are the expected actions of firewalls in this policy?
Where are the firewalls located and who manages them?
Using the organisational security policy defined in the previous section, explain what changes would be needed to add an additional area of wireless connectivity in the network that has access to the Internet? In particular, please explain for a user audience:
What cybersecurity hazards might there be for users in the new wireless environment?
What technical and organisational features could be used to protect wireless users?

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