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Learning Summary

1.Read your classmates' posts to the Leadership DB.

2. Reflect on your classmates' posts. Then comprehensively describe three (3) new insights you got from reading your classmates' responses to the DB questions. This could be something you had not thought of at all or that gave you a better understanding of a concept, principle, or point in the lesson. It could even be a different perspective that you disagree with, in which case you should explain why you disagree, substantiated by the reading(s) in the module or an outside reading. This should not be about what you observed, liked, or found interesting in their answers to questions, nor a description of how their responses were similar or different from yours or from others. Rather, it should thoughtfully describe a new perspective you gained from reading their posts. It should not duplicate what you discussed in your DB assignment. Cite multiple classmates in discussing these new insights. In other words, base your discussion of a new insight on thoughts presented by multiple students.

3. Reflect on this module overall. How has your thinking about leadership changed? How has the module impacted your leadership development? What did you glean from this module that you plan to apply to your professional life. Explain. (This answer can be helpful in developing personal professional goals [see next page of this module]).

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