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Hospice Care

It was noted in the chapter that it is important to understand that there are significant access problems to hospice care within the United States. Several examples were provided of population groups that are all less likely to receive or rarely have the opportunity for palliative care. For this week’s discussion forum, each student should answer the following question:

What factors do you believe have had the most influence with regard to why racial and ethnic “minority” groups have little or no opportunity to have access to hospice care? For example, to what extent might cultural beliefs and practices play a role? If so, in what ways? To what extent might bias or systemic discrimination play a role? From what vantage points?
What strategies would you propose be utilized to ensure better access for members of these groups?
What are your current views on the appropriateness of providing access to hospice care to prison inmates? Under what circumstances might you consider this to be acceptable? Unacceptable? Why? To what extent should eligibility for the Medicare Part A Hospice Benefit determine whether or not a terminally ill individual should be provided with hospice care? What, if any, other options should be available for those individuals who may not qualify for such services but are in need of them?

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