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Analyzing the Policy Field and Competitive Forces

Policies, laws, and regulations at the local, state, and federal levels—and those of other countries if you are proposing an international program—are likely to affect your planning and the ultimate success of your social venture. For example, if you are trying to tackle problems related to the environment, local laws regarding waste management, land remediation, and water quality could constrain or enhance your ability to prevent pollution and waste from seeping into drinking water. Also, understanding the resources and policies of local networks, including faith communities or neighborhood associations, could provide resources such as funding or volunteers to increase the scope of your initiative.
Social entrepreneurs must also analyze the competitive markets and industry forces. Competitive rivalries, the power of buyers and suppliers to influence costs, and availability of resources can affect the feasibility of a new and innovative enterprise. While social entrepreneurs may not be competing for profits, they must analyze competitive and complementary programs that currently serve the target population. Reflecting on competitive forces can result in an increased understanding of the perspectives of stakeholders that are critical to the viability of a venture.

For this Blog,
1. analyze the policy field and the competitive forces to identify the opportunities and constraints that affect the Immigrant populations and the wicked problem (Ensuring Safety & Security of Immigrants) you are addressing.
2. Research the policy domains, laws and regulations, administrative authorities, funding sources, and local networks that create the opportunities and constraints for your social venture (Ensuring Safety & Security of Immigrants).
3. Research competitive markets and industry forces that shape the space in which your social venture will operate.
4. Use the handouts for the Policy Field Analysis worksheet (based on Table 4.2, Summary Policy Field Analysis, on page 56 in your Barreiro and Stone text) Porter’s Five Forces Applied to Social Entrepreneurship Context (Table 5.1 on page 67 in your Barreiro and Stone text) to organize your analysis. Additionally, you might consider using the Mind Mapping Worksheet to organize your analysis further.
5. Share your completed handouts (Policy Field Analysis Worksheet and Port’s Five Forces Worksheet).
6. Explain the opportunities and constraints your policy analysis has identified. Share your thoughts on how to leverage the opportunities and overcome the constraints.
7. Explain how the competitive markets and industry forces shape the space in which your venture will operate.
8. Include how these markets and forces could constrain and create new opportunities, as well as how you might collaborate effectively with current players in the market.

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