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The Name Jar Book Analysis

1. Describe the ELLs represented in the books:
o Who are the ELLs in the books you read (e.g., race, gender, duration of stay in the U.S., country of origin, reason for coming to the U.S., home language, level of English language proficiency, previous schools experience, experience of ELL instructions and programs, strengths, and challenges)?

2. Analyze the book:
o Does the book sound authentic (believable)?
o Does it contain any biases and/or stereotypes of ELLs (e.g., illustrations are identical or distorted, language that is derogatory and/or discriminative, or story that reveals unintentional biases)?
o What is positive about the book? Did you notice any problems, or have disagreements?
o Use Figure 23-9 in Fountas and Pinnell's Guiding Readers and Writers (2001, pp. 406-407, available at Moodle) in analyzing the biases and stereotypes in the books.
3. Study (do research) the author and/or illustrator:
o Who are the authors/illustrators? Where did you found the information about them?
o Did the authors/illustrators have direct/primary experience with the ELL culture they wrote in the book? If so, elaborate. If not, what did they do to collect the information for the story?
o Did the authors/illustrators represent ELLs and/or their families accurately?
o What was the author’s intention of writing the book?
o Do you have any concerns about the impact of the book on ELL readers? Why or why not?

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