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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) ability to understand emotions and motivations in yourself and others. Understanding how to recognize the emotions of others in each situation is a big communication tool for the manager. It is not unusual for people to fail to express what they are feeling verbally and thus leave the listener with an impression that may be false. Understanding how to read body language or facial expressions affords the manager additional knowledge as to the speakers' true stance. It helps to communicate with meaning to the words we choose. Managers that have a good understanding of EI find it especially useful in approaching conflict decision-making and coaching employees.

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If you were Jimmy Cricket from last week’s discussion and you had Justine in your office, how might you handle the discussion with her so that you can understand why she made the decision and at the same time explain your displeasure? In your initial post create the conversational approach you as Cricket will take with Justine and suggest, knowing the facts, how you think it will play out realistically. Explain your reasoning for the approach.

Consider these in the discussion:

What role would EI play while listening to her response?
What role would “Active Listening” play in the communication?
What if you are not convinced, she is telling you the real reason for her decision, would you bring in the others or talk to them separately?
How does the way you handle this communication affect her place in the team going forward?
What if you are convinced that Justine made the wrong decision and the company cannot afford to finance so much of Allied’s bill. What would you say to the CEO to keep the negotiations on track and not lose the contract but not obligate the company to as much credit load?

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