Instructions How to Write

Current Challenges, Problems or Issues in Human Resource Management Among U.S. Companies

A. Cover Page

B. Introduction

C. Current Challenges, Problems or Issues

D. Research Focus - choose at least two (2) of the identified issues from C) above and these will serve as the body of your research

E. Company/Organization Profile - from D) above identify an actual company/organization

E.1) Issue #1 -

Company Profile :

E.2) Issue #2 -

Company Profile :

F. Company/Organizational Success Story - in this section discuss what the companies did to resolve their respective issues and their impact in the company operations

F.1 Name of Company (from E.1 above)

F.2 Name of Company (from E.2 above)

G. Personal Assessment and Recommendations - that is, if you're the person responsible in the organization to make the decisions what would you do, would you have done something different and why ?

H. Conclusion

I. References

J. Appendices (attachments, if any)

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