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Article From a Magazine Review

You will develop a guided annotated bibliography summarizing your research in business magazines related to the main topic you have chosen. Identify and read 3 articles that have been written about the topic. Articles can only come from the following sources: the Atlantic, the Economist, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, INC, McKinsey, the New Yorker, and MIT Sloan Management Review.For each article please be sure to provide the following in a structured format:

1. The name of the magazine, name of author(s), and date published;

2. A summary of the article in your own words (do not simply copy any section of the article verbatim as doing so is a form of plagiarism);

3. Answers to the following questions (in your own words):

a. What were the most important features of the article (i.e., main points)?

b. What recommendations from the article did you find particularly effective, and why?

c. Where did you disagree, and why?

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