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Notes on Deconstructing the Popular by Stuart Hall Review

Reviewing either "Encoding/Decoding" or "Notes on Deconstructing the Popular", by Stuart Hall, which rhetorical mode(s) do you see the author employing?
-How does this introductory section function to inform and draw in the reader, while also maintaining an academic, collegial, and educational tone?
Consider the following in your response:
The first/opening line of the essay in the first paragraph and/or subsequent introductory paragraphs - Does it draw you in, interest you, or teach you something that makes you want to learn more?
The context the author provides in these passages - How does Hall frame the conversation he's entering for the reader?
The way the thesis statement is articulated - What will actually be addressed and/or argued in this essay?
The acknowledgement of "what is at stake" in this analysis -- Why should the reader care about these issues, from what you can infer from Hall's passages here?
Anything else that stands out to you as particularly effective in these introductory paragraphs, in terms of tone, voice, style, examples, comparisons, etc.

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