Instructions How to Write

Article Critique

1. What does this study report? Record full reference citation.
2. What is the purpose of the study? What is/are the question(s) being asked?
3. Where does the study take place, and who are the participants? Describe the general physical and social context of the setting and the salient characteristics of the main participants.
4. In what sequence did the major elements of the study occur? Describe timing, frequency, order, and relationships used in organizing the study.
5. How was the data collected? Was the data collected through observation, field notes, taped interviews with transcription, document analysis with record forms, or some combinations?
6. How was the data analyzed? What procedures were used for analysis of data?
7. What were the results? In general terms, what is the answer to the question, “what was going on there?”
8. Was the processes employed in the study consistent with what you know about conducting a qualitative research (i.e. reasonably stable over time and across researchers and methods). In other words, how reliable and dependable did you find the study?
9. Do the findings make sense? In other words, how valid and credible were the findings of the study?
10. What parts of the study did you find powerful or particularly instructive? What were the elements that provided new insights?

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