Instructions How to Write

Health Problem in Communities

Name and location of the community/neighborhood
The demographic and cultural characteristics of the community and your target population, including numbers and percentages for age, gender, race/ethnicity, income/education, and other demographic and cultural descriptors. Cite the sources where you obtained this information.
Summarized results of the windshield survey as Appendix A.
Health Issue
Introduce the key health issue you plan to address in your program. Be sure to cite all relevant sources!

Primary data:
Briefly summarize the primary data needs assessment methods your group performed in order to determine the health problems or issues that exist in the community or organization.
Include results of the questionnaire.
Include a copy of the survey as Appendix B.
Secondary data:
Explain/define what your health problem/issue is. Include brief information on the risk factors and consequences of your health problem.
Summarize the secondary data sources you found to support national, state, county and local information pertaining to the key health issue your program plans to focus on.
Remember to link your primary and secondary data findings back to the importance of why you are focusing on this health topic within your target population!

Behavioral & Environmental Risk Factors (1/2 page)
Summarize the high priority behavioral risk factor(s) related to the health problem and target population. Be sure to support why such risk factors were rated most important & most changeable. Cite all relevant literature accordingly.

Predisposing, Enabling, and Reinforcing Factors (1/2 page)
Summarize the high priority predisposing, reinforcing, or enabling factor(s) related to the high priority behavioral factor(s) listed in Quadrant I above. Be sure to support why such factors were rated most important & most changeable. Cite all relevant literature accordingly.

Existing Resources (1.5-2 pages)
Provide a summary of the existing resources among the population. Determine if there are formal or informal policies related to the health issue that provide a positive/supportive and negative (damaging) environment for the target population. Are there funding sources to help reduce the adverse effects of the health issue among the target population? Include a summary of the types of programs that currently exist, how they are supported, and any information related to the extent to which those programs have been evaluated. Include information obtained from one (1) source (journal article or website) related to current programs and existing resources. Finally, determine the gaps in existing services.

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