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Business Issues Relating to the Workplace

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Employees are the vital parts of the business machine that can aid in its success or contribute to its failure. It is, for this reason that it is imperative to possess the ability to acquire and maintain effective employees

The chief method by which a business or company can accomplish this task is through employee-centered motivational programs.

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Employee satisfaction survey plays a major role in an organization as it establishes the challenges and obstacles in the workplace. It provides the basis of formulating new policies that favor all employees in the workplace and eliminating those that encourage workplace discrimination. Generally, reconsideration determines the success of diversity in implementation of the workplace plan

Developing diversity in the workplace plan provides an option of selecting the best survey provider that gives a comprehensive reporting, and this is a vital decision I would like to see followed in the organization. The report established will provide the foundational structure of diversity in the workplace plan. A measurable, comprehensive and attainable plan is a must. The changes to be made and the timeline for the changes to be implemented should be decided and provided for by the top management. Diversity implementation in the workplace is the process that involves personal commitment of the executive and managerial teams.

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In addition, confidentiality is a workplace ethical principle that becomes a familiar ethical issue when it is violated (Johnson, 2007). For instance, the disclosure of an employee’s personal information or the employer’s business strategy to rival organizations is a major violation of the workplace ethics. Actually, protecting the employees from privacy invasion creates trust and perhaps increases their productivity

However, when confidentiality is violated, serious ethical implications may occur, which affect the business negatively. Work ethics require that the clients’ private information or the co-workers personal information be accessed by authorized individuals only. Conflict of interest is another common workplace ethical issue. It refers to a situation whereby an individual’s interests affect or influence his/her workplace judgment, actions, or decisions. Conflicts of interest are virtually unethical and illegal because they negatively affect workplace performance, decision-making process, and relationships with other participants (Bredeson & Goree, 2011).

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In the end, it is important for managers to get things right at all levels of implementation of IT policy in the organisation. Managers need to proactively plan, organise, lead and control email use within the company. If monitoring of employee email is purposeful, transparent, well-planned, effectively organised, reinforced by effective leadership, and controlled with consideration of all company stakeholders, including employees, then it can be reasonable.

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