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Creating Your Data Flow Diagram (DFD)

Conduct and develop a Context Diagram for your ISP.

You will develop one of the data flow diagrams to graphically depict information documented in your ISP.

- A Context Data Flow Diagram - You will need to show inputs on the left, the system represented as Process 0 in the middle and outputs on the right. Refer to your text!

1. Entities: A list of all Entities that will be interacting with your system by either entering in data or requesting data from the system as some sort of output. List each of those entities and describe exactly how they interact with the system.

2. Processes: A list of numbered processes (numbered in the order they appear in the system). For example: Student Registration, Student Billing, Student Payment, etc..

3: List of Database Stores: Make a list of numbered data stores that your system will contain. Keep in mind that you need to really think through whether or not you need more than one database. You can contain multiple tables in a single database. To decide whether you need more than one, you must understand the scope and depth of your system. Each database requires a lot of work, maintenance, and man-hours. Really think on whether your need more than one!

4. List of Data Flows: Make a list of the data flows that will be going from one process to another or one process to the data store.

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